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Consulting and Engineering in Concentrating Solar Technologies


Soltune is a consulting and engineering company
specialized in R&D, manufacturing and marketing of products and processes in
CPV (Concentrating Photovoltaics)
CST (Concentrating Solar Thermal) and
Space Solar Cells.

Soltune’s technical and strategic assessment
focuses on cost reduction and product performance
and makes the most efficient use of available resources
in order to reducing risk and time-to-market of existing or novel products
and contributing thereby to its market viability.




About us!


Our History and Vision


Soltune is committed to carrying out all projects with the highest degree of integrity and confidentiality, and is committed to being honest in our dealings with our customers, our vendors and ourselves. Our experienced and highly skilled team assures that our projects are done with highest quality and in shortest possible time. Our passion for solving new challenges and our tireless focus on the solution of existing problems have enabled us to obtain excellent results within the CPV and space sector.

Soltune has successfully carried out several projects regarding R&D, product development and production of CPV products and space solar cells. Examples are:

  • Design, implementation and optimization of production lines for high-efficient III-V solar cells for CPV and space applications
  • Design, development and testing of CPV modules for electrical and/or thermal energy generation.
  • Strategic assessment (technical and economic) for the market introduction of novel products.

Our services range from short-term studies/audits to long-term projects.


Soltune CPV has been founded by Dr. Egbert Rodriguez Messmer in March 2012 and is based in Madrid (Spain).

Dr. Egbert Rodriguez Messmer holds a PhD degree from the Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), a Master of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the RWTH Aachen (Germany) and an MBA from the UNED (Spain). He is a certified project manager (PMP). His main interests are the development of technologies for generation of solar electrical and thermal energy, and its sustainable implementation into the existing energy mix.


For further information please visit my LinkedIn profile or contact us directly at info@soltunecpv.com.




Concentrating Photovoltaics (CPV)


high-efficient renewable and sustainable electrical power


Examples of services that Soltune offers or has already successsfully executed are:

  • Design and evaluation of a novel, low-cost combined CPV and solar thermal receiver
  • Strategic assessment on market viability (risks & opportunities) of novel CPV product
  • Performance and market analysis & studies of CPV technology, identifying SWOT parameter 
  • Support to decision making of investors and stakeholders, identifying market potential and product viability
  • Audit and proposal of improvement of production design, its performance and its production process
  • Support in product design, failure analysis or field measurements
  • Project management of complex multidisciplinary projects
  • Training in design, manufacturing and applications of CPV products and technology


Our customers benefits from:

  • Independent and confidential third-party evaluation of product and production process
  • Acceleration of product development and reduction of time-to-market of new products
  • Outsourcing of complementary non-key activities


Soltune is open to any inquiry or proposal on a new project. Please contact us at info@soltunecpv.com




Space Solar Cells


powering satellites and space missions


Examples of services that Soltune offers and has already successfully executed are:

  • Auditing and improvement of product design and performance leading to state-of-the-art solar cells
  • Auditing and improvement of production yield and reduction of manufacturing cost
  • Assessment in mid-term and long-term R&D strategies
  • Design & implementation of manufacturing lines (complete project management)
  • Support in the design of solar cells, modifications of current design, and development of next generation of solar cells
  • Consulting and training in design, manufacturing and applications of solar cells (including theoretical simulations)


Our customers benefit from:

  • Independent and confidential third-party evaluation of product design and manufacturing process
  • Risk reduction thanks to access to experienced personnel in design, implementation and production of solar cells and manufacturing lines


Soltune is open to any inquiry or proposal on a new project. Please contact us at info@soltunecpv.com




Concentrating Solar Thermal (CST) Technology


... for Solar Heating and Cooling


Soltune is developing a Concentrating Solar Thermal Collector for generation of heat at medium temperatures.

A prototype has been tested with promising results and outperforming its direct competitors. It is a high efficient, small, scalable and low-cost product that targets roof-top and small ground-mounted installations.

The initial target temperature range is between 100ºC and 300°C to supply heat for general heating and cooling and for industrial processes like in food (e.g. dairy), textile, paper or pharmaceutical industries . 

Soltune is currently actively seeking funding for making this product market ready and to commercialize it. If you are interested in being a part of this project, please contact us at info@soltunecpv.com.




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